Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey Gang
Sorry for the lack of updates recently - we've been busy.
The MoMA trip was a great success. Thank you all for coming, I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the Bauhaus exhibition as much as I did. It was great getting to know everyone a little more a long the way.

Anything in particular stick out to you in the exhibition?
Textiles? Modular Alphabets? Architectural Drawings? Cradles?
Please feel free to use this blog as an outlet to you know, do just that!
T'ai Smith will be coming to our meeting this upcoming Monday.
From what I understand, she has also invited students from her class specifically about the Bauhaus to join!

Also, I couldn't really get over these lithos, I mean they are LITHOGRAPHS. Awesome!?

"ABC ONE TWO THREE AGAINST THE WALL THANK YOU" - probably the best coat check attendant of all the museums in new york city

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