Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One more thing! Quasi-minutes for weeks past. Just to get everyone on the same page.

1) NYC Trip was Postponed

  • Planning for a trip during the spring next semester instead, due to lack of interest for fall break.

2) Bake Sale

  • Sent an email out about this just a minute ago.
  • Starts at 2pm this thursday. (Tomorrow)
  • Bring your bake goods to Cohen Plaza, at 2 or during the meeting.
  • If you need to bring your bake goods in earlier than that, drop them off in the GD Lounge with a note on them.

3) Green Mount Cemetery Trip

  • THIS WEEKEND! Saturday, the 23rd.
  • I will send out a reminder email Friday to everyone that signed up, to give out details, where to meet etc.

4) AIGA President (Chris Jones) Visited

  • He came by last weeks meeting and gave a quick info session about the AIGA Baltimore and national group.
  • For any questions we have throughout the year, we shouldn't hesitate to contact him.
  • If we have any designers we want to lecture in Baltimore, he is open for suggestions and can work with us to get them or other scheduled lectures to be at MICA.

5) Bill Fick

  • THIS WEEKEND! Saturday, the 23rd at 6pm.
  • More information to follow during the meeting (since I can't seem to find the facebook event to send to all of you)

That should be everything. See you tomorrow!


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