Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came! It was great to see some new faces and the familiar ones as well.

Please See Attached a the current schedule of events for Sept-Nov.
There are some physical copies in the lounge if you want to pick one up.

!New! Advisory Board/Planning Team: Michelle Fleming; Rivkah Khanin; Emily Long

- Painting The Lounge : I found out from Brockett that the FACMAN have to put a certain type of primer up on the walls; and then we are free to paint it. The work order was placed in the beginning of July so hopefully they will follow up soon.

- Thursdays @ 10 : Movies and your homework. We have netflix now, come do your homework; get support and second opinions while watching a movie.
Hopefully the first one will be this week; I have to get more info about the netflix and how long they take to be delivered. First movie is: WEEKEND AT BERNIES!

Michelle and Rivkah are going to plan a trip to the Bauhaus exhibition that's going to be opening at the MoMA in november. Stay tuned for more info!

- Gallery Space!
Carey is going to look into getting us a gallery space for a show on campus for next semester. More info to come soon.

Stef is going to make us a blogspot. This is going to be a really great outlet to share ideas; and keep everyone posted on what the heck is going on with in the group.
It's going to be super helpful as we will have a lot more things going on. Also, let's figure out how to use iCal so we can all be on the same page with dates.

Illene is going to organize a small lector series where local successful designers share their personal experiences.

Rivka and Andrew are going to look into getting Ellen to give us a small lecture

- Design Challenge, Command X
Kind of like the Survivor (the reality show) of Graphic Design; it's a game they play at the Make Think ( http://designconference2009.aiga.org/ ) conference, where you're basically given an hour to make something awesome. If your work isn't good enough; you're eliminated.
This goes on until there is only one person left, the victor, the winner, THE DESIGNER.
From what I understand there is a MICA allum who participated in this at one of the conference; if people are interested we can get him to come and talk about making good design in a short amount of time.

hm; I think that's it for now.
I'll keep y'all posted as things come down the pike and become more solid.
remember, you da bessssss

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