Thursday, September 24, 2009

Minutes - 9/20 meeting

_The Lounge: We are all really open/excited about Jessica's proposal. We're willing to create a "lounge team" to help her with the undertaking. We really like the idea of having one solid color; and then a wall covered in vinyl letter forms from various different typefaces and in different sizes (like in the example image). The general consensus was that the lounge should remain in a state that keeps us design minded; but feels more comfortable an homey than a classroom. We all really liked the fact that book shelves were going to be introduced. Concerned that beautiful design books might walk off the shelves, there was the suggestion that we keep design magazines readily available on them.

_Bauhaus@ The MoMA: We're going to go to NYC on the Saturday; November 14th. We're going to try to combine the trip with the MoMA with a trip to the AIGA building on fifth avenue. Is there a contact there for us to inquire about our group visiting the HQ? T'ai Smith will not be able to meet with us on that saturday; so we're hoping to go to the AIGA building first; and then the exhibition second. While we're at the exhibition we're going to keep track of things that are interesting and further research them so that when T'ai is available to meet with us; we'll have some good discussion points. We're going to use the AIGA budget to pay for the MoMA tickets; and pay for our own Bolt tickets. We have to sign up for the group tickets for MoMA by November 1st, and at least 10 people must be going on the trip.

_Rivka proposed we do workshops on doing more tangible design workshops; things that aren't on computers, more likely to get dirty. good idea for next semester

_Objectified Screening/Aftertalk: Thursday October 1st, 2009. 7pm Falvey
Meeting in Brown 3 after screening to discuss film with AIGA group and environmental design department. Discussion is going to be lead by Carey. Everyone is really excited to get to know the environmental design department; and agreed that this would be the perfect opportunity. We can't forget we need to order pizza for this too!

_October 5 Group Sign Up: We're going to do the membership drive. Michelle; Rivka; and Emily are going to be working on publicizing this event; and the AIGA group in general. To do such, Emily and Michelle are going to collaborate to create a basic system of branding for posters; fliers; those little things on the tables in doris; etc. Basically we're going to try to start a guerilla campaign. We're going to make buttons (gain access to button maker through anita) We're also going to place our advertisements in the illustration and environmental design department areas and make them geared to graphic design concentrators within that department. We all agreed it would be really beneficial to get perspectives from other students from the "commercial arts" with a specific passion for design.

_EllenLupton: Special Presentation: Andrew has asked Ellen to give us a smaller lecture and she has graciously agreed to! Andrew is going to ask her if she has any prepared talks that she feel would be appropriate for us to hear as the AIGA student group; or if perhaps there is something she's really excited about and wants to share.

_iCal: Andrew is going to set up an iCal for us so that we can all be on the same page event wise. He's also going to invite people to the blog so they can make posts.

I think we're gonna get a few pies from oriole's so get there on time in order to ensure your slice!

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