Thursday, October 8, 2009


Minutes For This weeks meeting

~ Group Membership Sign Up Monday October 12th, 3-4 the lounge be there or be square; bring your check for money order for 50 bucks; cash will not be accepted

~ sign up for MoMA trip in the lounge; sheet will only be there for a limited time; so sign up soon if you want to go; again MICA will pay for our MoMA tickets; but we will have to buy our bolt tickets; Michelle is following Bolt on Twitter; so theoretically; we'll know when they go onsale as soon as possible

~ Art Market
Ryan, Michelle, Emily and I (and i think Greg was there too?) went to the meeting and basically; if you wish to participate; you just needa sign up online; and we just have to ask the department for a table. If you are interested and have questions feel free to ask me or michelle

~ Film Screening at UB TONIGHT at 6 meet in front of brown in approx 15 minutes if you want go, we posted this on the blog but why not add it to the minutes; Michelle will be there with a crew; run if you want to catch up and go!

~ Some people showed interest in participating in the Baltimore Sight and Sound Billboard project; if you still want to participate let me know, and I'll get more info from Brockett and we'll get going with this

~ Student Space Gallery : Becky and (i don't remember who it is but if you are helping her let me know) are going to submit and application for the student space gallery; we're going to remind people that design is beautiful!

~ If you want to participate in Create Don't Hate with Ilene (she described it towards the end of the meeting), let me know and i'll forward your email to her

~ post fall break bake sale is still happening; we will plan more at the next meeting


~ Snacks and Movies and Homework tonight brown 305 pur usual

i think that's it; is there anything else? if you remember let me know or just like put it on the blog!

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